Entrepreneurial road and the results of the network together through the day

results of the network was probably established in 2005 in March, then it is not called the results of the network does not have a Chinese name, called Chanet, contact with customer service also made a little misunderstanding, then simply called chanet. The first time I saw the results was in the end of 2005, and did not pay much attention to. I believe most of the owners are on the market to do the advertising alliance to investigate it, before considering whether to put ads. The main page to see whether do professional, is not a regular company, there is no formal contact and customer service, there is no one received the money deducted amount etc..

first saw the Chanet, and not much good, not easy to find the Chanet home page, the page is not good-looking, no contact with the bottom site even record are not the most important thing is to pay once a settlement period is 2 months, 3 months to receive a money, this point there are few webmaster can accept, so even a ID never gave up registration.

then a good webmaster friends also recommended Chanet to me, have a try psychological I go to register a ID login after the discovery of advertisers although not much, but most of them are CPA advertising, this is probably the most love. So the selection of a few advertisement hung up, after several days of observation, found that the data is very impressive, the same type of advertising alliance Chanet data is 1/3 higher than other Union, then began to carefully investigate the Chanet alliance’s background and strength, learned that Chanet is a Japanese company, the strength can be said no problem. But at that time there was no successful precedent in foreign alliance Chinese, so there is no large-scale advertising. Continue to study, and later found it difficult to contact customer service, even if linked to, some problems can not be resolved in a short time, which continues to encourage the wait and see psychological. Although the money is received, at least that reputation can also, but to the time to 3-7 days, the original Alliance Bank inter-bank transfer, it also makes people feel less professional league, at least not understand most webmasters want is what kind of payment, there is 20% of the labor income tax for many webmaster depressed, period I have also proposed a number of recommendations to the Chanet customer service.

along the way, always can see the efforts and progress of Chanet, the new station you are very happy, the payment period of 1 months pay, although it would take 2 months to receive a money, but it is in the acceptable range. Also, China Merchants Bank transfer payment, period is shortened to 3 days; Web page re revision, beautiful and professional customer service; to take the initiative to contact and provide help, I very warm and very instant; 20% of the labor income tax is levied according to national policy, abide by the state laws is a formal company must have the conditions, and to provide personal income tax to the invoice, this is rare in the domestic league, the League took tax rumor collapse of itself. In addition, the alliance’s advertisers can be said to be China >

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