Flower net sale the business of the electricity supplier succulents


said the flower business, we usually think of a variety of online delivery service. In the United States, this kind of service has older 1-800-FLOWERS.com and ProFlowers, but also has recently attracted much attention The Bouqs and H.Bloom. Even Amazon this summer has also launched an online florist service Curated Flower Collection, providing 6 kinds of custom bouquets. In China, either EMS or postal service flowers, Taobao big and small online flower shop, flowers have been known to and used by many consumers.

online flowers market competition is very intense, but in fact the flower business can also have other forms, such as gardening flowers. However, this type of flower electricity supplier is usually faced with two problems: timely and reliable logistics and distribution, and how to meet the needs of consumers. Many entrepreneurs are trying to answer these questions and find business opportunities. In recent years, succulents become a kind of popular horticultural commodities. Nanjing entrepreneurs Icydaizy and her partner in February this year to join the market, has achieved good results through Taobao platform. She talked about the experience in this field.

market and environment

According to

Jiangsu, Shandong and Sichuan and other media reports, since last year Chinese change of government and advocating thrift wind, public procurement with flowers was significantly reduced, the city road landscape flowers and meeting showing a significant decline in market demand. In terms of sales channels, the government and corporate customers based on the line was a significant impact on the florist. Nanjing botanical garden experts said that more than half of the current reliance on the flower shop spent more than half of the ongoing losses, while the 1/3 is on the verge of collapse. In the production of flowers, many such flowers mainly to the cultivation of farm business has been gradually light, these flowers filled the land idle, many farmers have no work to do.

such a situation to bring the opportunity to flower electricity supplier entrepreneurs. The operating cost of the online channel is much lower than that of the real flower shop, and the operators can also bear a lower profit. In addition, small entrepreneurs in the current environment is easier to find suitable for planting land, land rent is very beneficial for entrepreneurs. For example, in Nanjing the main flower planting base, equipped with professional greenhouses planting flowers per mu of land annual rent may be only about 10 thousand yuan, while the number of unemployed in the home growers are willing to lower pay become small entrepreneurs "assistant".

in all kinds of flowers, succulent plants is subject to a variety of individual consumers, affected by the policy environment. With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are interested in gardening. However, the majority of flowering plants on the cultivation of higher technical requirements, non professionals often spend the dead. Relatively speaking, easier to survival and growth of succulent plants, suitable for display on a desk or a balcony and other places, but also can be used as a gift, so many friends in hot pursuit of flowers.


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