WeChat entrance to the end of the Jingdong open with friends circle


] April 14th news billion state power network, the state power grid before access to news, WeChat my bank card – specials channel will be completed in the near future revision, will replace the original "select" plate for the "discovery" (the name has not been determined, the Jingdong) as the platform for the display of goods. In addition to the column is located in my bank card, will also be set up in the original WeChat discovery channel entrance, and friends circle, games and other functions.

WeChat existing discovery channel will be added to the flow of Jingdong entrance

it is understood that the current WeChat, my bank card – selection of goods, mainly divided into three parts: selection, brand, poly benefits. Among them, the selection of the column is mainly a number of digital, living single product, mainly by easy fast network provides. The day before, the electricity supplier Tencent wireless Department official told billion state power network, around April 30th, select the column will be officially changed to "discovery", or a similar name.

the person in charge, found that the main sales of two categories of products: first, the brand new release, has now reached cooperation with HUAWEI, Samsung, Lenovo, millet and other brands, the new release. Among them, HUAWEI will be the first release on the discovery channel of the mobile phone manufacturers, will be officially launched in early May specific. The other is the "new" products, not necessarily big brands, but the product must have the tonality.

according to the investment information released by Tencent, found that the column accepted product types include three kinds:

1, the first: only temporarily accept digital, sports and other users resonate and spread the scale of the first class of commodity goods (for example: iphone6, HUAWEI glory, millet, Nike, etc.)

2, star cooperation: celebrity endorsements series, star design series, film / TV series, such as cooperation resources (for example: Han Yi homes Gianna Jun endorsement series, seven princess Liu Liyang series, etc.)

3, trendy single product / theme: recommended + theme packaging products, single product recommendation featured new technologies and new fabrics, new style, new design is relatively small minority, lay the tone of the single column; the main theme packaging style fashion beautiful, season and in line with the trend of a single product.

in terms of the merchant, found that column requirements include:

1, first class product requirements

A. digital, only temporarily category movement standard;

B. single product first and series starting can be;

C. must be released at least 3 days earlier than the entire network (the official website of the official synchronization at least);

D. single stock shall not be less than 100;

E. price at least to synchronize with official website, and additional WeChat exclusive benefits;

F. mobile operators must have detailed decoration, including but not limited to A. B. commodity packaging gimmicks copy basic parameters of C. >

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