Where the network is suspected of black hotel provides business channels audit questioned

where the network is suspected of black hotel provides business channels to review the process of questioning

[TechWeb] reported news July 12th, June to September this period of time is the peak tourist season, for visitors to meet the biggest problem is the "black Tour", "black guide" and "black hotel". Recently, the Beijing police banned more than 60 black hotel, administrative detention of more than 30 operators. And some well-known sites for this black hotel provides a business channel, including where to go online, eLong and other online hotel service providers, and the review process of these vendors have been questioned.

seized "seamounts Institute" the innkeeper said, stay here do not need to register the identity information, you will only guest ID card photo copy "". In eLong Travel Network as well as where to publish information on the website, such as accommodation, a bed 75 yuan to attract foreign tourists. Yesterday, where the network in the search to the "reservation service seamount Institute" of the hotel, said, as of 2012, there are 6 rooms, 2 storey layer. Facility services, also known as luggage storage services. Yesterday, the police found that the hotel does not have this service. But today, after the inquiry, where the network has been the inn under the shelf, can not query to the relevant service information.

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