Wang Xueji PHPWind elite salon salon opening speech

ladies and gentlemen, webmaster friends, good afternoon:

                today I am very glad to make a speech here. Every time the opening speech, PHPWind more than a group of mutual trust and enthusiastic webmaster, to more than and 300 people today, thank you for your trouble to come here together.


                PHPWind station salon is national tour activities, has been in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing held 3 times, can be held in Hefei this elite salon owners today, thank you very much for the Anhui Internet Alliance and Yanhuang network to give strong support for the party organization and invitation. At the same time, I hope this party can provide a chance to learn from each other, enhance friendship and promote the growth of local webmaster. We hope that this afternoon harvest.
  in fact, many webmaster is in groping, lack of communication, lack of experience, we do very hard, very hard, but we see hope, believe that most of the webmaster is group operation, are very stable the company has dozens of income, we meet the eye everywhere 7.3.2 release show, Dangdang two weeks or so will be downloaded and installed 300 thousand times from phpwind data. The development speed of independent website is amazing, we are honored to grow together with the webmaster, of course the entire circle is still a long way to go, phpwind hope to help the webmaster in the key link of development good website and stronger and make rapid growth.
                there are many pioneers of the webmaster group, they seize the opportunity to achieve success. Now the Internet is brewing more opportunities, the whole industry is more and more healthy atmosphere, especially in the area of community and vertical community areas, many sites have access to wide

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