Yue GU the nternet is a shake Qian Shu

        today is the day of college entrance examination, my family has a person to participate in the college entrance examination, so I’m here to bless it, although not what role. At the same time, I wish all the friends of the college entrance examination! Success belongs to those who are prepared!         Internet is a shake Qian Shu! You go to shake, can guarantee to the money, you just don’t when trees just beginning to bud to shake, shake Qian Shu also need to grow, the more money the more shake out of the tree.         shake Qian Shu, this word is estimated that there will be people identity, also some people do not agree, but the fact that the Internet is indeed shaking Qian Shu, at the beginning of this world, there are no trees, the environment is very poor, but there are people of trees, that can shake the money. Someone is YAHOO, his early trees grow very slowly, and now the domestic SINA, SOHU, TOM 163, which is not shaking Qian Shu, these trees are long in the desert, it is difficult to survive early. Today, we see only a few survived Qian Shu, and ignore those who have existed and now dead tree, ignoring the natural environment.         HAO123 is a new growing up shake Qian Shu, when he grew up, when you can shake the money, a lot of people say that this tree is so easy, I can also, so this kind of sapling everywhere, but shake Qian Shu and the other the tree is the same, for his survival environment, apple is suitable for planting in the north, in the South can live, but do not take the fruit, so you have the same kind of trees, but the environment is wrong, then he shook out a lot of money, the tree was good, but the environment is not.         as more shaking Qian Shu, especially in the past two years, the speed of the site area increased dramatically, people have become smarter, you see the apple trees in the north, I also see you kind of Litchi in the north, in the south, I also go to the south, the mode of development indeed, can reduce the difficulty of thinking, but the South has a lot of people north of litchi, many kinds of apples, or what I remember in 2000 when litchi sold 8 yuan a catty wholesale, retail 15 yuan, about second years of litchi will become a wholesale 8 cents a pound, 2 pound of the retail. I have enough to eat lychees, but at that time I also understand why farmers do not earn money, because the suit led to oversupply. The network is the same, although the network information is transmitted between the message, but the network is no national boundaries, so a SP can do 5-10 industry, less than 3 years has been the same as litchi.       of course there are seeds, like rice now, or planting my high school, when I was in college I have changed to throwing, has now become the sower. I!

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