2012 Baidu Union summit this year is expected to exceed 2 billion yuan

June 1st, the theme of "thousand peaks, the Au poly ten year" seventh Baidu Union summit opened in Zhangjiajie. Baidu founder Robin Li, Xiang Hailong, vice president of Baidu Baidu vice president Zhu Guang and other senior, and about 300 Internet industry elite gathered in Zhangjiajie to share the Baidu alliance in the past 10 years of glory and success, talked about trends in the next 10 years and dream.

in last year’s alliance summit, Robin Li predicted three opportunities of the Internet, namely dutushidai, intermediate pages and applications for the king. Now it seems that these prophecies are fulfilled. It is precisely because of this, the guests on the trend of Robin Li predicted exceptionally expect. Robin Li said that the mobile Internet and cloud are the two major trends of the future, he believes that the number of users does not decide everything, do not attach importance to the exploration of mobile Internet business model, like driving a car drunk, very exciting but also very dangerous. The mobile Internet want to have a good development, we must rely on the cloud. Mobile computing power shortage will be offset by cloud computing. Embrace change and develop your own strengths.

, vice president of Baidu Xiang Hailong shows the Baidu commercial product blueprint: over the past 10 years to coalition partners, Baidu search traffic, web browsing traffic successfully realized. And now, Baidu is working hard to create a more comprehensive platform for the realization of partners, the mobile site and Web APP applications and interactive traffic, social traffic realized.

Baidu vice president Zhu Baidu Union also shared the next 10 years of "Three Dreams": first, create Chinese best Internet business platform; second, with 600 thousand partners, a global Internet industry model; third, with 600 thousand partners, equality, freedom, love transfer spirit.

in addition, the general manager of the Department of development of Baidu alliance Ma Guolin also released a message to let alliance partners, the 2012 Baidu alliance will continue to maintain rapid growth, is expected to more than 2 billion yuan."

sublimation means to become an important source of income for 600 thousand partners

since its inception in 2002, Baidu alliance has 60 partners, is expected by the end of 2012, will bring a total of more than 5 billion yuan of revenue sharing partner. It can be said that over the past 10 years, Baidu Alliance for the Chinese Internet entrepreneurs to provide the most direct and effective financial support, to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the Internet plays an important role. As UC excellent, as chairman and chief executive officer Yu Yongfu said, Baidu alliance 10 years is the largest contribution to the industry to inject funds for SMEs transfusion."

Xiang Hailong, vice president of Baidu

with a leap and three upgrades, summed up the Baidu alliance in the flow of partners to achieve the realization of the effort. Baidu phoenix nest system launched, the search for the value of the flow of traffic, Baidu will become the first platform to achieve the flow of search traffic; subsequently, Baidu continued to force the display of advertising, the Internet will be successful

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