The new top level domain name Gold disaster many large companies also cannot play

ICANN (the Internet Corporation

recently for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN) announced a new plan to apply for the top-level domain name list, received a total of 1930 top-level domain application. The Internet has only 20 years before the opening of the domain name suffix (excluding.Cn,.Us and other regions of the exclusive suffix), including the most common Internet users.Com,.Net,.Org and open.Biz in recent years,.Mobile,.Tel, etc..

is currently the world has about one hundred million registered.Com domain name, and about ten million of.Net,.Org and.Info domains, new institutions or individuals want to register for memory and communication domain has been very difficult, many companies even need to spend a high price to buy the domain name in order to successfully carry out the business. ICANN domain name open plan is to solve the increasingly scarce and increasingly expensive domain name resources.

open domain plan apparently will backfire. The domain name open plan is not as open as the top-level domain name, open domain name for any institution or individual registration of a or ICANN provides similar.Google,.Coke,.Beijing,.Nyc and other special brands and city names, as well as.Home,.App,.Doc and other commonly used nouns for exclusive registration agency. In Google, for example, if it applies after the success of the.App and.Mail, all.App and.Mail domain names are owned by Google all other institutions or individuals are unable to register or xxx.mail.

the cost of registering a new domain name suffix is very high. Each domain name suffix requires a one-time payment of $185 thousand, plus $25 thousand a year in management fees, as well as up to tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees – intellectual property lawyers are smart.

The ability to handle

ICANN applications is very limited, it will be approved by the domain name of the application of the domain suffix. Each batch processing 500 domain names, each batch of six months. According to the current nearly 2000 application domain name suffix, it will take at least two years before finishing the backlog, which does not include this within two additional applications — presumably with continuous media reports, the applicant will be more. To ensure fairness, ICANN will be approved as a way of "digital Archery" (Digital): set a time for each applicant to submit at the same time, the closest to the target winner.

any plans to have bugs and vulnerabilities have occupied the related resources from which to profit. In order to ensure that their application to enter the first echelon, many large companies began to find the first time they can be approved institutions – such as po>

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