The content of Liu Ren’s nternet has depreciated

Liu Ren network venture (Club) Tianjin summit series of lecture notes

– Liu Ren: the content of the Internet devaluation of

Liu Ren:

vice president, group, founder. "And Kevin Xie’s tax evasion lawsuit" started the famous reporter Liu Ren, with a "forever" Liu Chuanzhi heart long report laid the foundation in the history of the development of China IT in "historians" status. In recent years, Liu Ren through the operation of ChinaByte, Donews and other domestic well-known IT website has accumulated rich content of the web site design, construction and operation experience, also won the China IT respect, known as the first person to Chinese network media.

Liu Ren is the author of ".Com", "China intellectual heroes", "Zhongguancun problem", "method", "enterprise knowledge hero 2" Heroes 2 "," knowledge of traditional Taiwan version, "network media guide" etc.. Completing the history of China’s information industry.



Liu Ren: Thank you! I’m very touched today, because it was the first time that I attended a meeting with my name. I thank the organizers and sponsors, Liu Weijun, special thanks. Because to tell the truth I can come to this place, so many people, it is not easy, there are a lot of hard, trivial things behind.

second for my old friend Hao Xilong, in about five years ago we hit it off, I remember when we were in Beijing, eat a meal of Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil, became friends and talk after that. I had never been to Tianjin before, and then came to Tianjin more and more.

I would like to talk to you today about some of my recent thinking, you have any questions you can interrupt me at any time, and you are most concerned about the issues and topics.

I would like to say that I am most concerned about, but also more recent topics, I am concerned about the first topic is the content of the Internet devaluation.

Internet content to do as well as the depreciation of the site, this trend has actually appeared in the wake of the rise of Google, but not many people see that this trend in 2006 after exacerbated. Why? I give a simple example to prove it. The first China in 1999 to 2003, before the year of 2004, China’s largest site is Sina, Sohu, their number of visits and visits are the most influential, especially sina. But today, China’s biggest web site is Tencent, Baidu

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