Old teaching experience do your practical advice

web site now seems to be a work of every enterprise or team will have to do that no matter where you are and Internet related industries. I received an average of one or two weeks of a friend’s phone call: we have to do a website, the use of what technology, PHP, Java or.NET? Where should we hire developers? The website that we develop now always has bug, how should do? As a former technical staff as well as the current Internet practitioners, I would like to talk about their own experience.

years of Web site work tells me a truth: Although the site seems simple, but must be the right person to do. Domestic developers generally lack of experience, a person who has done 2 years of development, you may think that they have been very cattle, to a low price, and ultimately give you a bad result. Conversely, if you find the right person – even if only one person, with the right ideas, the site is actually very simple.

no longer wordy, straightforward below to give you some practical advice website:

      1, as far as possible the use of off the shelf system, rather than independent development. For the general corporate website, e-commerce sites, it is strongly recommended not to develop. If it is the enterprise website, find a ready-made content management system (CMS) system can be. In the domestic CMS, SupeSite is a good choice; e-commerce sites, directly with ECSHOP on it; Web2.0 site, you can use X-Space; forum, Discuz is the first choice. A lot of people will ask whether these ready-made systems have a lot of limitations, and their performance is not good enough – these are unnecessary worries. On the one hand, these systems have a good customization, as long as the search for a skilled HTML/CSS, and a little PHP program based on the person, you can build a good site according to your requirements. If you can not find such a person, then use WordPress to your business to build a blog system, it is stylish and practical.

      2, LOGO, art work can be outsourced to Witkey website. I am an old user of K68.cn. The list should be no less than 5 times. Although we can not say that every 100% satisfied, but from the price, the K68 is impeccable. As long as you spend a few hundred dollars, you can get more than a dozen good ideas, and then you pick out the most recognized one of them and let the designers to beautify the final results can be. Unless your team has a good art, or you are willing to spend tens of times the money to a real professional design company, otherwise, K68 is a good choice.

      3, as long as you can go to the appropriate developers, what technology development does not matter. PHP, Java,.NET, which performance >

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