Wang Xing confirmed that the rice has gradually lifted the interactive function of domain name open after the home page is only a static picture

sina science and technology news November 11th evening news, after more than a year off, no rice is gradually restored access. This news has been Fanfou founder Wang confirmed, he said that the current Fanfou domain is gradually lifted, but no interaction function. And Wang Xing’s latest Sina micro-blog is also suggested that the meal does not return.

said today that micro-blog users can access, but after the opening of the page is only a static picture, which is affixed to the user avatar and logo 2011.11 words. And temporarily unable to access the user, you can try to modify the Host or DNS, etc., you can see whether the rice without a static picture of the home page.

Wang Xing said that the current release of rice has domain name will only be a static page, not a specific interaction function. When the recovery in foreign rice has truly interactive function, whether to consider micro-blog, Wang Xing said temporarily unable to confirm that he thought gradually lifted domain name is already a good start.

had previously said that China’s economic network to participate in the investment rice no, Wang Xing still do not comment on this.

today, however, at 11:30, Wang Xing update on their own Sina micro-blog content, was also suggested that the outside world does not return the meal. In this micro-blog, Wang Xing cited the "glory days" to rewrite the lyrics, the first sentence is "the bells home signals / in his life as if with a sigh".

no rice network is the rise of the old micro-blog site, formally launched in May 2007. Since early July 8th last year, the network has not been able to start the home page can not log in, and in the afternoon, the server is closed". In the absence of the resumption of the visit is hopeless, Wang Xing turned to set up a website to buy u.s..

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