Happy net high profile announced that users exceeded 40 million mark an increase of 200 thousand

with "friends for sale" and "grab spaces" started the game social networking web site is becoming more and more high-profile, the website announced yesterday that the number of registered users successfully break 40 million mark, continue to grow and to every day more than 20 new registered users become more speed, including this newspaper, spread a total of more than 30 new positions the traditional media.

is a social networking site for nearly two years following the video website after the Internet industry entrepreneurs new hot sites are often through interesting games to attract users to join, network and ultimately help users form online. At present, the social networking site is still in the trial stage of profitability, but advertisers and content partners website has apparently noticed such sites of ultra-high popularity".

it is understood that, so far, including this newspaper, there are more than and 30 traditional media organizations in happy network enclosure". The specific way is that the newspaper in the site to retain independent brands, while adding friends gradually gathered a huge crowd of fans. The use of "vote", "message" and other functions, as the reader’s fans can receive the newspaper issued a report in a timely manner, and to evaluate the content, and newspapers can real-time understanding of the needs of readers, and make effective adjustment.

under the siege of the Internet, traditional media are actively seeking ways to break through, more traditional media in trying to directly interact with the audience or readers. June 16th, Xinhua TV officially entered the happy net, become the first institution of happy net users, at present, including CCTV2, the Beijing morning news, Beijing evening news, Nanfang Daily, more than 30 media in the Internet and set up their own "fans group".

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