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double eleven, Tmall has amazing sales of 91 billion 200 million yuan, once again let us appreciate the power consumption and business innovation Internet plus plus out. In the tide of the Internet era, internet education is becoming a new way of learning. Prior to the New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong had asserted that the next years, the education industry will be online for the next line of 40%, the pattern of the next line of 60%. Coincidentally, the bump personality education for two years has been trying to transition to the Internet industry.

The reason why


a hour. In Zhang Jinwei view, the main reason for the transformation of educational institutions is based on the sense of crisis. Simple things are often more likely to be subversive, such as intermediaries, and now the tutor APP to the intermediary to go, this may be a pair of a pair of institutions such a challenge. If the bump is not the Internet transformation, too soon, may be eliminated. NOKIA drop altar lessons remind education industry, not a single conservative, do not think change, must change, to seek better development in the reform."

transformation two is better to provide personalized services for students based on the implementation of individualized career ideal. Zhang Jinwei explained that the traditional teaching, the teacher teaching by experience, by planning, feedback on learning tube call to ask parents, ask the teacher, all these will cause the asymmetric information, the situation is inconsistent with the actual investigation, this is not the direction of personalized education. If you can get through the big data obtained can reflect the students’ learning, learning all kinds of statistical information index characteristics, can in a short period of time to help children find the weak point of knowledge and the corresponding core test, and push targeted exercises; more importantly, through long-term follow-up, and precise management, precision feedback and ongoing, children will be in the short term will be scattered in the scattered knowledge memory somewhere, formed a firm knowledge network.

Three of the reasons for the transformation of

is to redefine the standards, processes, and rules of the industry. At present, there is a common practice in the extracurricular tutoring industry in china. In order to break this unreasonable, Zhang Jinwei began in 2014 to join the school, the joint venture in the operation of the model by the effect of pay. "A student in the finish after the test, according to the teaching center before the test scores to the divided into five grades improve intervals, each interval charges different, if students study after grade up to the established range, according to the corresponding standard charge, if not reached, in accordance with the low standard interval the corresponding fees, if it does not improve performance, cost, and extra class fee will be returned."

confidence come

in the industry view, education and training institutions competition can be divided into three stages: the first stage is the business model driven, the second stage is product driven, the third stage is technology driven.

we hope that the future of their own technology driven, the formation of a child’s personal data." Zhang Jinwei’s confidence is not without reason. Compared to learning big, New Oriental, >

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