For new media sales why can’t you open

if you are a new media new sales, so congratulations: you become a promising occupation! But now, you like an army three days to be dropped in the Amazon jungle recruits, lack of weapons and supplies, without systematic training, and your boss told you: you are a soldier! You will complete the ordinary people can not complete the task! Then, after all, or to rely on their own



as sales, first by mouth, second legs. Who will walk, but the mouth is the first big problem stumped many newcomers. So, we try to analyze why the new sales can not open mouth.

bookstore, there are a lot of sales skills book, can be described as simple and practical. According to legend, there are a lot of sales myths: what Maiguai ah, selling the combs to monks. However, back to reality, you find yourself in the sales of new media, difficult, almost inaccessible! A joke I told one of my favorite disciples: when he was in the network, a few days, his boss, a senior media sales together with him smoking, which mouth really said, "new media sales is not possible to go for it!"


it turns out that new media sales are not the same thing as sales or media sales, and we have to rethink what new media sales are all about:

a, as a new media sales, you hold what kind of state of mind?

As the saying goes, "

". And you, a salesperson, you worship in the street, you are selling ads! You are selling even you do not believe that the site advertising!

mentor said: the Internet is the third industrial revolution, it will subvert almost all traditional industries – but the customer said: you help me pull the head!


story said: Ma then also sweep the street, not only have a map with the truth, and video! – but you, one month down, plus countless eyes suffered from lumbar and leg pain did not say, not a few cents in his pocket.

those older elderly, how? ShunKouLiu said: products made entirely by sales, cheat, need to depend entirely on Mongolia, the results completely rely on the relationship bet, relies entirely on the rebate service completely by


return to the source, a qualified new media sales should be such a person: an honest man, a responsible person. There are four key points of his mind:

1, service creates value. The essence of sales is not sales, but service!

2, paid services. Remember: your service is valuable.

3, pay is a client of you really sure! You’re not Lei Feng, you need to pay.

4, to the money is a real friend! In case you encounter is an acquaintance, remember: rub your cheap acquaintances certainly not a true friend.


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