Learn tyrants announced the completion of the 100 million C round of financing to push the 1 online

January 20th news today, online education company "Curve Wrecker Jun" announced the completion of $100 million C round of financing, by the China Merchants capital and financial capital wing collar vote, Anhui new media, loved the letter capital, Qiming, Cheung Fung investment and a number of institutions with investment. According to I dark horse was informed that the financing completed by the end of 2016.

all of the above are state-owned capital. China Merchants capital is a subsidiary of China Merchants Group, wing capital is the central rate of the Far East Group’s focus on the Internet industry investment fund.

After the completion of

financing, Curve Wrecker Jun will continue to force the intelligent education and education informationization, to solve the user pain point learning as the basic starting point, through the establishment of technical barriers and constantly improve the teaching to improve the user experience.

Curve Wrecker Jun Photo Title search business started, help students to dispel misunderstanding, has accumulated 65 million users. In September 2015, the school tyrants launched online Q & a business, around the K12 student groups to further deepen. In December 2016, the school began to launch 1 tyrants online on the 1 counseling". Curve Wrecker Jun said, "filial piety" guidance "is the basis for Curve Wrecker Jun in answering function, an important layout system for users of knowledge make up the vulnerability and improve the comprehensive performance of the.

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