f the enterprise wants to base on the network marketing is essential

now corporate marketing tools are becoming more and more inclined to the network platform, in the past more conventional telephone marketing in some enterprises have gradually lost their status. After all, compared to the network marketing can be replaced by QQ marketing, telemarketing costs, efficiency and efficiency can not be compared. Remember he had just entered the company when they are going to play a lot of calls every day, this is not what we, everyone will have a very thick notebook, written on many important client on the phone, although the rise of the smart mobile phone saved a little trouble for us, but in the handwritten notebook that time is very important. Once lost this notebook, it can be said that half a year’s time was spent on the. However, these situations gradually disappear with the development of the network.

In fact,

is not only a brief introduction to those who, from the side of a lot of examples we can see now the enterprise marketing tools have undergone great changes. It can be said that even today is a start-up fund 200W micro companies will also be aware of the power of network marketing, of course, in the network marketing, advertising is still an important means of. Or cite a simple example, we often watch the video on the Internet, at first using Youku, potatoes and other video sites to see when there is no advertising, but now, not only the video before there may be up to 60 seconds of advertising, but also among the video with a 15~30 seconds of advertising, this is indeed a a damage to the behavior of the user experience, but Youku did not stop this behavior, why? Because there is a need, there is a market, earn money, Youku will not give up this fat of course, moreover advertisers are not allowed to do so. According to a friend’s internal news, a hand tour on Youku only do a month of advertising, the amount of registered users over the past six months, the total profit is doubled. This is a vivid example. Internet marketing is indeed the people living in awe!

Although at this stage

network marketing or rely mainly on advertising, but it must be sure that, even advertising, network marketing platform also has many advantages over the traditional advertising model. Precision is one to kill. For one side of the case, when you are in the search engine or after the electricity supplier website search for what you want, when you go to visit some other pages, you will find the keywords web page advertising market will appear in your search, so recommend. While we browse websites and advertising content is not relevant, but it is indeed our areas of concern, which makes people very strange, why in the different sites I can meet your love advertising? The reason is very simple, because these sites have joined the alliance, it can with the search engine and electricity supplier the website data exchange, take you to record your recent search habits. Then according to your search words related to the products on the web promotion advertising, so that regardless of your landing site is what you can see such advertising.

this is called persistence and precision in online marketing

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