New round of financing up to 7 billion 300 million to replace artificial intelligence subsidies

June 16th morning, the travel drops has been "veiled" in the latest round of financing reveal to the public.

all kinds of coincidence and financing behind, reflecting the current travel platform is more willing to look for synergies or synergies can be found on the strategy, rather than just financial injection.

yesterday (June 16th), the latest round of financing drops finally landed, it announced the completion of a new round of $4 billion 500 million equity financing. New investors including Apple, Chinese life and ant gold suit, Tencent, Alibaba, China Merchants Bank and Softbank and other existing investors have also participated in the round.

it is worth noting that this is one of the largest single round of equity financing of Listed Companies in the world. At the same time, the current round of equity investment, China Merchants Bank will also drop lead a $2 billion 500 million syndicated loan. China life has invested 2 billion yuan (about $300 million) in long-term debt investments. The actual amount of financing round drops of up to $7 billion 300 million.

not long ago, drops travel founder and CEO Cheng Wei was invited to the National School of Administration lecture, said during the time of the Internet revolution is coming, the first half of the Internet has ended, the second half is the core of artificial intelligence.

financing eventually locked $7 billion 300 million

"is close to the end of love shaking heaven and earth," — from Valentine’s Day 2015 drops fast has announced the merger, but more than a year’s time.

look back, with two in addition to leading domestic Internet circle including 58 city and Ganji, American corporations and public comment, and Ctrip and go with "where industry giants such as precedent, the more striking point is that it is repeatedly refresh the record industry financing.

September 2015, announced the completion of the merger after the first round of more than 3 billion U.S. dollars of financing, the highest record of financing unlisted companies. Then in January 2016, after the merger of the U.S. group, the public comment completed more than 3 billion 300 million U.S. dollars of financing.

with the completion of the actual financing of $7 billion 300 million drops, once again refresh the record.

in fact, drops to position themselves in a one-stop travel platform based on official data show that the platform has 300 million registered users, nearly 15 million registered drivers, taxi service covers, car, train, car, bus, on behalf of the drive, drive and enterprise multiple vertical field, the current day orders has exceeded 14 million.

officially announced before this round of financing, drops have been disclosed in progress.

, the daily economic news reporter combing its exposure to the latest track of financing noted that first announced in May 13th to obtain the Apple Corp (Apple) $1 billion strategic investment. In June 13th, announced the acquisition of China life more than $600 million strategic investment. Alibaba issued

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