Network promotion of hospital website

recently I was in a hospital to do network promotion, bored to Baidu to see the relevant information. Found but many are flashy without substance what help to the novice.

himself on this point to write their own analysis, we hope to help the white. First class hospital promotion difference in class or operating company websites, compared to SEOer keywords ranking is important, but more important not to SEM keyword ranking and get so many useless articles on your website, write some articles related to the hospital or send some original.

some people will ask the hospital website and other websites to promote what is the difference? Also send the article do link. In fact the hospital website must highlight his function, must let the patient get online help as in your website, through a variety of real-time communication software for the online resources conversion for the next line resources.

on the Internet to see a lot of hospital sites have to admit to do some really beautiful look good, but the column classification is not clear, I want to find a lot of content can not find. So this gives us a wake up, the hospital website navigation must be clear, can make the patient to find the resources he wants to find. And to the accuracy of the article resources, do not wait for the patient to the hospital to find and write on the site of the donkey lip does not affect the hospital image of the horse will be great.

must pay attention to the details of the process, often visit the site to see the open speed, problems in time and space business contact. And to ensure the safety of the site regularly check, timely treatment of the site links to the user a good experience.

wrote this hope for the novice or the first time to do the hospital website friends help

also hope that the hospital website and I do link this station of intervertebral disc | intervertebral disc treated | intervertebral disc:


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