My article put on someone else’s clothes

now more and more emphasis on the original society, whether in the literary world, machinery or design. The original content of the site has been the focus of attention. Baidu constantly updated algorithm to enhance the strength and reliability of the test. Corresponding to this, the webmaster friends also greatly inspired, every day to think about editing their original articles.

as everyone knows, China have admirable copycat culture, Fang before the alleged counterfeiting is not justified. So, the so-called original article really is the author want to come out of it? Pseudo original market is still so active? I don’t know other webmaster friends have not considered this problem. Those hard to write their articles if there is a small network to search their articles published, is not "wearing" on someone else’s name and website link coat to

?One day I will search

small articles published before and after the heart is cold. So I searched several familiar editing articles, greatly disappointed. Before Baidu launched the spark plan, want to use this way to encourage original, get more traffic for the original and reproduced. The intention is good, but many webmaster to own website traffic and ranking, regardless of the interests of others, directly to the original information deleted set their own site information, put on his clothes, It is often seen. such behavior.

starting point is always good, Baidu launched one after another strategy. Although there are some degree of effect, but there are still deficiencies.

1, the quality of the article without guarantee. Chinese people for thousands of years there is a thought – famous brand is good, expensive is good. Do not understand the real situation, we often choose the reputation for having heard it many times, that is to say users are more accustomed to believe big content on the site is original. To say you’re in your station, hard to think of an idea that feel good, published an article. A large website that the content is good, directly to your topic published on their website, users click browse. What this is typical for others to do the wedding dress?. Baidu still can not guarantee the quality of such articles. The technical flaws makes small tears trickling down cheeks many small websites. In the face can benefit by mutual discussion efforts, establish a set of evaluation criteria for quality.

2, insufficient attention to the source of the article. Although the algorithm, but it is only to ensure that the original content of the article, the source of the article is basically not working. This is easy to let the webmaster friends have inertia and give up the idea. Since no source, so I worked so hard to write articles and I attack others what is the difference? Xiaobian Baidu in this area should also strengthen the degree of attention. May be able to build a website rankings and the like to stimulate the enthusiasm of the webmaster.

3, the promotion of new features. Baidu launched the spark plan, but according to the side I know some people are just slightly heard, the specific work.

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