NK silver off group Lin Enmin young founder how to manage the team

news December 15th, sponsored by the title of the 2016 Magic Horse Mobi venture entrepreneurs horse Community Conference held today in Beijing, INK (silver) group president Lin Enmin delivered a speech.

Lin Enmin said in his speech, as a young founder, the management team must master the skills, he will own management experience summed up in three words: justice, wisdom and emotion, tells the story in the enterprise management experience.

The following is a speech by

I horse edited excerpt:

my business experience is only 4 years, 4 years is a very big challenge for me, what I say today is how to manage the team of young founder of this matter, believe that it is not only for young people, the older it is also useful.

there are 10 partners in our company, and all of them are older than me, and I am the same as the average age of the company in. Many people have asked me, how do you manage your partners? Because they are older than you, what they listen to you, what finally can make such achievements, today I mainly explain the part here.

to become an entrepreneur, you must learn to brag. The cow force is not simply to brag that he is in fact a more strong, the entrepreneur’s vision, what you want to do a what kind of person you want to make a business in the end what kind of business, how can you make the team all believe this one thing, this is the most difficult the.

I made a comprehensive summary, summed up the three words – righteousness, wisdom, love.

One of the essence of

management – Yi

you say that a person is very strong, he will say high intelligence, but I think there is one thing that is in the emotion before — meaning. When you start a company, a lot of things are decided in advance.

when I was a kid, I was a little bit autistic, but there was a little attention deficit disorder, and my own story is that I think the only way to be a model is the best leadership. I have ADHD in the third grade, so I put my ADHD play to do work, because I work very well, the teacher let me as a labor member, sometimes may all people listen to monitor it, but listen to me, because I have more work than anyone else. I allow others to do anything, others are willing to.

at that time I know one thing, that is, you are in a business, you must be the most diligent person in this business.

I usually sleep every day in 4 hours, almost 3 in the morning to sleep, get up at around 7, is the cycle. My style of rest is very simple. It’s a Sunday night to sleep on Saturday. So, I think in a company, when you are the most diligent person, when the natural cohesion of the force.

second things are when the most

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