Talk about the traditional enterprise soft Wen from Sina’s micro blog offensive

how do the things silently? How do not make people aware of the soft is not soft, many writers desire is estimated to achieve the highest realm.

in the morning to see 2 articles on the news triggered by micro-blog, are in the major news portals accounted for a lot of good. One is to say that the world’s richest man Bill – opened micro-blog news.


Gates is a kind of character, do not introduce the text of it. Gates arrived in Beijing in September 26th. According to news reports, yesterday, Gates opened the Sina micro-blog, micro-blog’s content is twitter on the Bill ·, a copy of the version of the.

according to news reports, the first micro-blog blog was issued at 27 PM 18:53. As can be seen from the picture, there are Sina V word real name certification logo. Just 2 hours, Mr. Gates has tens of thousands of fans, it is not difficult to see that Mr. Gates’s popularity index.

, and the other, is also a new news this morning. The title is friends 24 hours micro-blog relay rescue".

article is written in 10 days this month, Jiangxi removal incident incident follow-up, said one of the members of the family were injured, asking for help by micro-blog, after tens of thousands of users far apart from each other forward, staged a 24 hour relay micro-blog big rescue.

this article is very touching, in the initial reading, completely immersed in the event of the. Later, carefully read again, and found that there is a little taste, that is, in these 2 small pictures.



look again, these 2 articles are also published in the Sina site. Xiao Yao is not to say that the research in the end is not soft, or is not intended to bring this information, but it also has to say, soft news mode. This effect, it is easy for users to have been accepted, for example, the 2 articles are written in micro-blog, and points are also Sina’s own micro-blog, let the user read this news on this information to strengthen the impression.

for some of the traditional enterprise online publicity, is usually straightforward, is directly sent a large number of troops to the forum, community all can release information, send the advertisement. The effect is not ideal, but instead of picking up the sesame seeds lost watermelon.

if another angle, for their own enterprises, investment attention, in-depth research, or just write some to understand the industry status and the related content is published, some more valuable than simple advertising, and not annoying.

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