Website rankings on the value of website promotion

website ranking of the main functions are as follows:

(1) to expand visibility. Objective and fair evaluation results will often get a variety of media coverage, resulting in good news effects, to expand the popularity of the site than the conventional means of promotion has a more obvious effect. This is also the reason why the promotion of the site has a fundamental role in the promotion, if the results of the selection does not have the value of news, the assessment will naturally lose its meaning. Therefore, it is not necessary to participate in any evaluation, only those who participate in the activities of the press effect of the significance of the news.

(2) to attract new users. According to CNNIC statistics, China’s new Internet users almost doubled every six months, even after entering the growth rate of new users in 2001 decreased, but the number of new users per half is still a few million. For many new users, it may not be very familiar with the status of the existing web site, so the site’s comprehensive evaluation results have a certain guiding significance, the new Internet users may become the first well-known site users.

(3) increases retention and loyalty. Excellent websites have similar characteristics: good customer service, valuable website content, vibrant business model…… Under the same conditions, the customer is obviously on the list of sites have higher loyalty. Good website also means more commitment and customer trust.

(4) to understand the competitive situation of the industry. Especially for the comparison of the shopping site evaluation, to maintain positive competition in the industry. According to a variety of indicators, according to the "quality of service" of the difference in the ranking of stores, which is conducive to the promotion of business from the overall customer satisfaction to improve the business model, not just price competition.

website evaluation of the main form of

experienced the stage of the Internet bubble in 2000 readers may remember, good Chinese website hosting the 2000 June Chinese Internet Network Information Center Selection by the whole nation hopes to attract the attention of the enthusiastic participation of the site, many sites have adopted a variety of cheating ways to improve the ranking, selection of activities and eventually become a farce, the selection of activities later also had to cancel. However, some of the activities of the standard website still has its value and vitality. According to the different methods of website evaluation, it can be divided into five kinds of common patterns: the website traffic index ranking model, the comparison shopping mode, the expert evaluation model, the questionnaire model and the comprehensive evaluation model.

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