Marketing planning case at the heart of a giant lightning

is a giant lightning "split" to the Guangzhou city streets in downtown Guangzhou? In April 7th, a 3 story tall giant lightning sculpture, let people crossing amazed. 4 pm, the lightning before bidding ushered in a "flash mob", a group of well-dressed hotties gathered at lightning mark before making the square dance pop, a boiling.


puzzling is the lightning unidentified, Flower City Plaza management official said that they are not responsible for, they do not. Some people speculate that this may be a marketing activity for businesses. So far, "giant lightning" aroused interest. Then some of the media reported the matter, from the release of the picture, the first release is And then, as well as NetEase have also reported the incident


April 10th to see news network reports:

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and the Qingdao have also seen similar lightning signs today after the

‘s 6 giant lightning flashes in the centre of the city caused concern. Some netizens speculated it could be in the campaign for the TV drama "flash". # giant lightning #


April 18th # # giant lightning do Sina promotion activities in Sina micro-blog


followed by a chart shows that the ultimate goal is to make headlines in April 18th


The Sina

promotion event to a suspenseful climax, we do not know the # giant lightning # what is, is the business activities, only know its goal is to make the headlines in April 18th. If it is really a business marketing activities, its operating practices can be described as pure familiar.

First of all,

creates a question that draws attention to giant lightning and also uses WIFI to follow a bunch of fiery youth. Dance to attract everyone to detonate enthusiasm. And then contribute to the news media sites, (of course, money) to make this event, spread.


, further open by the media site, the country’s six giant lightning appeared at the same time, giving a feeling of tall. And add a sense of mystery to the event. And we can’t wait to see what’s going on here,

finally, Sina micro-blog launched an event. The event to a climax, until April 18th to announce the results. This marketing method is really gorgeous, it is worth learning. What is the final conclusion, let us wait and see. More exciting case please pay attention: qiye166

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