Comments on improving the amount of blog browsing N kinds of methods

Objectively speaking, the blog has two reasons: first, the blog as a carrier to record their own lives, and the other is through the blog to let others see, feel their lives, it is best to do some comments on the. How to improve the blog hits, you will probably have its own blog, can be described as "The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, all have supernatural powers". After some investigation and thinking, I found that there are several ways.

(Note: not everyone can become a celebrity, as we ordinary people, I am afraid it is difficult to use celebrity. That a celebrity edge ball, such as your blog name written as "Xiao Xu’s blog", "Xu Di’s blog". )

(comment: everyone has their own feelings of the past, every one of the feelings of the past is different, every past have devoted too much of our feelings, to write every word must see the tears, attracted everyone’s attention should be natural. )

(comment: this blog takes a long time to collect a lot of material, days and months multiplying, in order to set up, is the real strength of the blog. Need friends next time to succeed)

(comment: this blog for bloggers to keep pace with the times have keen insight and insight. Only in this way can we write insightful posts. Otherwise, when we are concerned about the same hot spots, in a timely manner you are also concerned about the hot spots, but because the article is not deep, there will be a lack of browsing. )

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