SMS marketing platform and OA system integration application program

enterprise office automation system, referred to as OA, is becoming more and more widely used in enterprise. With the continuous upgrading and development of communication technology and means, to provide more for the OA system, more advanced technology and support, which is a combination of SMS, close the current OA system, almost all of the support SMS platform, even in some of the great function of CRM OA system. There are more professional SMS marketing platform.

want to understand thoroughly, SMS platform and OA system integration application structure, it is necessary to clearly understand the nature of the OA system.

office automation system is the realization of the internal organs and departments at all levels of office information between the organs inside and outside the collection, processing, flow and sharing, in order to achieve scientific decision-making of strategic information system.

The largest drawback is: because the

system is used in workflow model, therefore, less a part of any system in the flow to the next step, so it must be leaders and executives working hours can not leave the office computer, but this is not realistic, we can solve this to you, when the leadership is not in front of the computer, as long as the approval file system will automatically send a message to the leadership or the chairman’s mobile phone, let them know the necessary approval documents, if necessary, you can call back or send a message to the remote approval.

goal: "to the advanced computer and communication technology as the main means, build a department office office information system covering all units or enterprises, between enterprises and other special computer network information exchange, enterprise information network to build a high quality and high efficiency, the office provided for decision making and service, achieve office modernization, information resource, network transmission and scientific decision-making."

current office automation system is a OA system based on workflow.

1 is a set of rules and procedures for the management of information flow and business activities in the process of collaborative work.

The goal of

2 is not just to deal with the process, not just to move things from one place to another, but rather to manage the rules and processes that guide the operating environment.

3 workflow technology provides an effective medium for rules and process automation. When a task in the job is completed, the workflow technology transmits the work to the next step in the process according to the predefined rules.

4 office automation system to meet the needs of information transmission and coordination, it gives full play to the advantages of computer networks, relying on e-mail technology, emphasizing the flow of information processing and collaborative interaction. This is the mainstream of the current OA system.

above, we mainly discussed the application of the OA system goals, the following is a brief introduction of the SMS marketing platform with the integration of the various functional modules of the OA system.

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