Webmaster soft hard four skills to write

write a good soft Wen for the novice webmaster, nothing is not a torture. The source of the subject matter is very slim, very helpless, often heard some complaints have been written a topic, and now really nothing to write. Things aren’t as bad as you think. Here are a few words from me:

experience with the industry in the first

this is very simple, as long as you read a lot of peer experience, experience, skills, summed up their outdated and feasible, and then practice their own, a little modification. This will help to improve their own, but also found that the error, you can publish articles for a friendly academic discussion, share their experience. So you have your own theme. At the same time, can also enhance the popularity, improve their own level, etc..

second own learning and work experience

is the experience you usually learn, do stand experience, or work experience, with a form of writing to record him, and real-time summary and correction. This is a learning and ability to help you improve, and effectively help you develop a successful essential condition, saying the experience merged into the sea, a record N you bit by bit, you are near to success. Oh, no matter whether friends or friends can look at, as long as you stick with it, will have the harvest day, saying there are paid. In fact, do stand like a diary, just record the content is different, but the truth is the same. This is also a good way to practice more, more writing, more practice. By nature.

The more than and 3 kind of books

read, is certainly not what like fiction, but to tell you the professional or the operation of the project related books, books are all the essence of the summary, we can learn from the book a lot of knowledge and ideas, these ideas is your wealth, but also the source of your writing. Many of the ideas in the book are extremely advanced and controversial. This dispute is critical, but also a continuation of a topic. At the same time you write a lot of material. Isn’t it?

fourth hot news

today’s Internet, the speed of information dissemination is amazing, so there are many hot events, hot news, hot news events and according to these, we can write some of the comments on these events, or opinions etc.. But do not write some impatient, arrogant, negative, unrealistic or contrary to the law of the information, we should be positive in the direction of the tide to do comments. This theme can be described as the Internet every day has a different event!

at the same time you also need to pay attention to the hot event engine ranking and search volume, you can go to Baidu, Google, etc..

soft text on the source of a lot of writing materials, we need to dig, explore, research, it will not dry up, as long as the "thinking", "serious", your material will be >

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