Analysis on the failure of double 11 drilling and the successful launch of double 12 drill

double 11 and double 12 are all net annual relatively large-scale promotional activities, there are many big sellers in 3 months ago began to prepare the corresponding planning activities, product sourcing, budget and a series of activities that are carried out to make everything in good order and well arranged, the day sales of over billion yuan of the seller. And many small sellers are not to do so long cycle preparation, such as the store, it is from a month or even started half a month ago, therefore, in the course of two activities, 11 double sales is 120 thousand yuan, 12 is 118 thousand yuan, the overall phase difference little. But from the promotion of the effect of view, 11 of the drill development is relatively unsuccessful, so the result of the day’s budget is $18 thousand, but actually spend less than $3000. The double 12 budget is $3500, the actual consumption of 3692.50 yuan.



from the rate of return, the cosmetics category is only 0.51, the store is 0.6, the relative industry level is higher, but from the click price point of view, the industry is 7.15 yuan, it is 12.52 yuan, that is because the click price is too high to bear, and finally give up on many plans. Take out the budget. The same rate of return is usually about 1.5 times the industry, only slightly higher than the average level of the industry average.


why is the result of the two campaign so different?

first, from the 11 strategic analysis of the plan, from 0 to 2 points this time the direction of their own shop, the budget is $2000, this is the wrong choice. Because after the early preheating, many buyers have a good collection of corresponding shops and a single product, then just wait for the point to seckill and payment, there is no time to visit your shop, so this time will lead to low click price, while the premium is very high, spent nearly 1200 yuan on average at the price of 45 yuan, turnover of only one order, return rate is only about 0.1.



second, when taking into account the 19 to 23 points should be the peak of the day of transformation, in order to seize the traffic, so do a supplement of $3000 program. From a practical point of view, the store’s sales did not appear to be expected peak value, the trend is relatively stable. The flow of time to seize this is not easy, click on the unit price is also high, basically more than 10 yuan, can only choose to suspend the plan.


third, the highest budget is $1500

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