Liu Yufan practice is the best way to learn network marketing

a college student asked me: I would like to ask you, I would like to self-learning network marketing, you can give some advice?

I answered two words: practice!

yes, in addition to practice is the best way to learn network marketing, there is absolutely no second.


a lot of people like to read the theory of knowledge, or listen to some experts, look at some of the so-called network marketing books. If it is self-learning, then reading is useless, if you have someone with, then you can read after the actual combat, this is a different way. At least I think self-study must start from practice, and then slowly from the truth, look at some related books, this will make your process more profound.

we all know that this course is not a network marketing teacher, at the time of the University, the teachers who teach the knowledge, I dare not say useless, but the actual use of the opposite. After the study of this course, the general university is always a lot of theory, practice is extremely painful.

I am a former colleague, is the study of e-commerce was born, but out of work after the discovery, the school learned things don’t work, are used in the reality of the Internet world to school. How painful understanding, and now it is found that the previous reading is always a theoretical knowledge, and forget that this is a practical lesson.

first, first practice, after the theory of

network marketing is not psychology, not history, do not need to know what 4P, 4B. As long as we know what the Internet can bring us, what we want to do.

Why should

practice first, because only after practice, you will find their own shortcomings and lack of knowledge. Especially self-learning SEO, e-commerce two friends, in addition to the practice is really no better way to second. For example, SEO, a lot of theory, in particular, some lecturers, some of the president of the class lecturer, they in addition to the theory, there is not much practical experience, a lot of things that are said to be very empty. If you do what they do, you will find that many of them will not work.

at the beginning of the best do not look at the master’s theory, to practice, step by step, the actual problems encountered in writing down, and then slowly find solutions. After a period of practice, you can go to see some of the theoretical things, and why? There should be some things, you can not think of the case, the knowledge of these theories can help you understand.

two, the practice of understanding the truth, achievements in practice theory.

a lot of truth is realized in practice, such as love, if you have not experienced, you can understand the taste of love, you can understand the true meaning of love it?

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