Website SEO Optimization personal perspective

website optimization for SEO, and now most people are no strangers. And I found that, when entering the SEO industry, the team is absolutely not to increase the proportion of the increase in. In the industry, optimize the teachers around the search engine to work, on the basis of theory and practice a lot of peers are off the. This presents a great God and rookie such polarization phenomenon. The author in the industry work, is also trying to find another way, but in fact Dennis still along the old road slowly in the map.

this past year, the author Dennis to their website optimization experience for reference, to share the work in the wise remark of an experienced person. Some people think that the experience of the author is a reference theoretical or technical information, also some people think that it is empty, not much use in the real implementation, attack is very fierce. Today, the author’s theme is not a certain aspect, but to talk about the work of the author in 2013 to see the smell of the talk.

first, update the search engine algorithm.

no one can deny that the search engine algorithm for 13 years is the most frequent update of the year. In this constantly updated, the user search experience has become the most important point of the search engine. Then, many owners began to make a web site more in line with the user’s search and continue to improve, but soon webmaster found that this change not only makes the website ranking, conversion rate, but just the opposite, and then began to frequent the "back". Such things, I also have covered, but the only difference is the way to continue, the optimization is not a short duration of time of power, like algorithm can not be completely better in 24 hours, the direction is good, but it is not advisable to.

second, website internal optimization.

in the search engine users search experience respected under the premise of smell sensitive people, do well in the station optimization can control and conversion rate of the website ranking. Here I do not deny that, in the search engine advocate external links of the era, most of the webmaster are in the continuous production of the chain, in order to win the number, through the weight of the transfer to achieve the purpose of website promotion. Once the algorithm changes, this type of site have sacked, quickly disappeared in the user’s search. And pay attention to internal website optimization, including website structure, content and information within the chain layout of the site, then catch up from behind during this period, the champion.

third, web site optimization.

outside the chain will be suppressed in the effect of minimizing the number of webmasters have even abandoned the practice of the chain. Do not deny that in Scindapsus algorithm released at the beginning, I was abandoned outside the main chain of the station optimization method. In this case, the site ranking is still not declining but a little upward trend, but at the same time I also found that the flow is less than 40% in the past. This is also the author of the chain after the start of the reasons. But at this time the author is no longer unlimited

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