How to make your awesome website


look at today’s online market, many webmaster friends may have seen. Today’s rivers and lakes has not been the arena today, for novice friends, want to have a foothold in today’s rivers and lakes is not an easy thing to do.

this article, for the majority of novice friends to explain in today’s network market, how to occupy their own piece of heaven and earth.

the first step: determine the direction of the foundation for

this step is easy to understand, want to make money online, do a website that is essential, not blindly only know to do before, we must first choose the right direction. The choice of direction is not important, a right direction can let you go to a lot of competition, get more than one percent success rate.

before A5 saw a friend to do station direction, he is "gay" as the topic of the website, this can be said that not many people read, also a few competitors. The website is very fast to do, what are the flow up to the last in the profit problems, the advertising alliance refused to recognize this type of website, after struggling for several months the website end part. So for the novice webmaster, choose a suitable direction to make a stand is very necessary, it must be considered to do something radical site, it is easy to get world recognition network.

said some of the early direction of choice, then have to say that the site is a piece of this. Do you want to make money, is essential to improve the user experience, many of my friends will see the "user experience" such words in many places, like various versions of some general feeling, always say not to focus on. In fact, the user experience this thing is very simple to say, a lot of people can understand, but practice is often unsatisfactory.

is the so-called user experience is the user to visit your site on your site.

1, website structure should be clear. Users access to your site through a variety of ways, always want to find their own content to be found, so the web site must be focused on the page.

2, page aesthetics. Production site do not necessarily how fancy, but must not give users a feeling of discomfort, if the user enters not to want to look, you do website content rich again it is difficult to attract users, it is difficult to retain users. Here to remind the webmaster friends, do not hang all the previous best advertising, advertising a will only make people dazzled, to retain users have a negative effect. We will be on the site after the appropriate flow stability, hang out some ads, this website started to hang out more often than the income of advertising effect is much better.

two, but let your website traffic grew

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