Small and medium sized enterprises to promote the promotion of the confusion and Solutions

as a small and medium enterprises, profitability is the essence, not only a stage of profitability. From the market perspective, it will experience a profitable process, to abandon the traditional way of advertising and marketing by network marketing business station, this process is not profitable for the reputation of network advertising. But the profit must be the purpose of the Internet business, the final profit is not equal to death. Most companies spend large amounts of paid advertising, but the harvest is minimal, the reason is that the existing advertising market confusion, lack of strong monitoring, prices are rising, but there are still many enterprises still burn. In a word, the high cost of paid advertising, conversion rate is low, a significant blow to the promotion of the enterprise station. Therefore, this article attempts to issue, from the enterprise station pay promotion to abandon recover the original simplicity, gorgeous appearance, seek the way for small business website long-term stable development.

1, pay attention to the experience of web users

first, the user experience is the most important. From the user’s point of view, to provide users with the necessary information, must be reflected in the entire process of building the site. Therefore, the choice of site construction companies and space providers are particularly important. On the one hand, to allow users to quickly browse your site, access to effective information, on the other hand also allows users to see the details of your company’s intentions from the page of the company’s attitude, it can be said that this is the user’s first impression".

2, choose the SEO

promotion company

is now the so-called search engine optimization company (SOE) successfully, chaos will occur. Pass the slogan is similar, which spend much on the front page of Baidu wallet and so on, and the price is ridiculously high, than the search ranking of paid advertising is far higher than the paid advertising, direct cost. The general requirements of enterprises pay thousands of so-called advance payment, then advise you on the website of the title, keywords and so do the surface optimization, because this strategy is used in flood, the short term is difficult to work, and through the purchase of the chain (more black chain cluster) trying to rapidly enhance the short term weight and website ranking. So toss to 3-5 months, your station finally to Baidu home page (in fact now ensure Baidu first or three SEO less), the case is closed and the settlement enterprise. But not more than 3 months, customers tend to find the site down. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the ranking and weight of the company through SEO short-term risk, need to be treated with caution.

3, to join the formal corporate promotional platform

maybe for some companies, Alibaba and other long-term join propaganda platform authoritative enterprise is a kind of luxury, but we still have a lot of choices, there are still a lot of very good platform for the use of. In addition, joined the business yellow pages is a good choice, it is faster, generally speaking, as long as to provide real and effective enterprise information submitted will be included. In these platforms and find some more business yellow pages library to join, although these can bring you a lot of traffic, bring some customers, but for promotion or need to be added, "

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