Rational view of WeChat marketing

write in front:

here empty to give you an apology, a few days ago to write "how to do our own WeChat marketing", there is a point of view is quite wrong, for the promotion of WeChat marketing this emerging, any individual owners and enterprises should carefully consider themselves whether should be involved, not blindly follow the trend in order to express regret, empty, I have to share with you how we should look at the reason of WeChat marketing.

well, now WeChat marketing intensified, which of course can not be missing some important people have an ulterior motive, but the main reason is because the webmaster and enterprise blindly caused, they join the WeChat marketing purposes there are two, one is to gain some benefits from this new marketing way. The two is to keep up with the trend of the times, can let the enterprise website / walk in the first-line marketing promotion, but we can through the circle of friends or some of the data can be seen, now WeChat marketing are generally small traditional business and personal webmaster, rarely see the big Internet Co and large enterprises figure because they themselves have their own a set of marketing system, and they can calm analysis for WeChat marketing, most users is decided No involvement.

believe that friends can often see "we have missed the micro-blog on the Internet, can we miss WeChat?" this kind of publicity, and some Adsense / enterprise after seeing anxious, feverish, threw into the WeChat marketing to the real city, WeChat marketing is not not to do, but the first analysis to make a decision after. I hope you can come again in the following questions:

1, are our users on WeChat


we do any promotion, the first consideration is the user, if our users are not playing WeChat’s big boss, then we do not have any significance WeChat marketing.

two, what do you do for WeChat marketing


when you decided to join the WeChat marketing tide to go, we must first clear our goal is to promote the brand is what?? or bring or sales? Expand our customer groups? These are the need to consider the.

three, is there anyone who can do

?Small businesses

generally do not have their own network of specialized departments, and even some people are in design, optimization, promotion of a shoulder, so we must be more proficient in WeChat people dedicated to help us to do the promotion, or spent energy, waste of money, there is no effect.

four, WeChat marketing should be how to do?


A5 city would like to give you some advice, we can go online to browse some articles about WeChat marketing, learn from those successful experience, although the methods are not necessarily suitable, but there are some of the ideas in there, and then we’ll add some real.