The deep logic of network promotion how a message is transmitted

The deep logic of

network promotion — a message is how to spread out

The purpose of

network promotion is to hope that our promotional information, we are recognized by the understanding. Here I ask you, your promotion information was accepted? Are we memorize, recognized how information is spread out? This is what we explore the topic today.

said how information is spread here I have to recommend a book "the tipping point" is also called "pop off" the spread of this book to a deep detailed information. That is, the law of individual characters, the law of adhesion, environmental law. Here we come together to learn under the


1, individual character rule

do you recall how you get the information? On the Internet to get information mostly from Baidu came in, we see from Baidu are basically in the industry, has a special understanding of the industry people. Think about the reality of life for us to get information from where come? We will find that we have more than 80% channels of information, such as from one person to the party, we are from the k song, and one person to get the information in micro-blog, for example, a piece of information in order to get forward in large area, the large V are not forwarded that is not possible. This is the law of individual characters

2, adhesion rule

a valuable information, individual characters will be forwarded, this value is the adhesion of this information. As long as we are concerned with the information have adhesion. For example, a message, Zhang San eat in the morning, this message does not have adhesion. But if it is learning to eat breakfast in the morning big exposure is very adhesive. So, how do you get a piece of information that is cohesive? It’s easy to relate to the daily lives of our target group. For example, Hebei people in the field, then, to see the two words in Hebei, would like to see, this is adhesion. For a prospective mother. As long as it is about the child’s information for her adhesion.

3, environmental law

the spread of a message depends on its environment. Spring Festival is the time to show the major promotional information collective. Why? Because the Spring Festival is a great environment for people to shop. For example, we are now designing a top marketing activities, bring profit to you put in this environment, in thirty years you have been criticized, this is the law of environment. Cases can be observed 114 check standard network

network promotion how to promote our own information?

through the introduction of the above, I want you to spread a message with a new understanding of it, then how can we promote our information? The answer is: find the individual character specific, let them help me spread. This information is then designed to be of great value to others