The key to improving the email opening rate EDM title

research shows that more than 75% of users did not open the mail because of the lack of interest in the title of the message, the EDM marketing in the open rate depends largely on the creation of the message title. In the mail flying times, promotion, discount, the title is not sufficient to provoke the user to open the message of interest. Billion industry science and technology market consultant Xiao Yu believes that in order to write a good email title, is not a simple copy of the text, fight creativity, the most important thing is to learn to seize the user’s psychology.

a good title should have at least the following five elements: curiosity (Hao Qixin), urgency (urgency), relevancy (correlation), value (value), emotion (emotional). Relevance or value is an essential element for a good title. Here are some EDM marketing title we share with you the way:

1 news title

news headlines, often is to provide the latest activities information or brand enterprises, such as new products and services released recently, enterprise dynamic events and so on they told us what happened over there, to attract the attention of users.

example: Estee Lauder – "the latest news, Estee Lauder pomegranate water limited edition to install the first order"

EBAY – "EBAY new flagship brand sale will start, now sold out into the countdown

the title of this kind of Title: provide new information about the goods or services, commonly used words: many adjectives, adverbs, the latest news, upcoming, now, suddenly, is, the first…… Basically, it can be edited in a declarative mood.

2 commitment Title

a lot of users on the Internet shopping, not much more than a lack of sense of security. So when using this kind of Title promised must be done, otherwise will only The loss outweighs the gain. This kind of title for the brand of large enterprises is more effective, because they usually marketing is usually just propaganda enterprise image, rarely straight and the user promised some kind of discount, so the trust will be strengthened.

example: China Merchants Bank — "on the tip of the Mid Autumn Festival, smartshop Food Department of minimum five fold, China Merchants Bank telephone payment autumn special

is the most direct commitment to the interests of users, including material and spiritual, so often used to promote the nature of the mail. Common words: energy, price, discount, sale, delivery, free, free, convenient, and spend the least successful, satisfactory and comfortable.

3 problem Title

with a rhetorical question or doubt tone, causing the user’s curiosity, which is the title of the problem. In a number of service classes, e-mail messages are often used to.

For example:

meter Net – "Ren Zhiqiang: what kind of young people tend to be appreciated?"