Network marketing is not network flicker

what is a network company? Two or three people, technical artists, chaos to build up the chaos of the two corporate Web site, is a network company.

because the network company phone number, on the local network (Shijiazhuang) company also know about it, now known as Shijiazhuang network company, or in the name of the company to do network construction, promote the business of the company, has about forty, these Internet companies have three characteristics: the properties of
first, with the dealer.
      Shijiazhuang Internet companies basically do not have their own platform, the original metaphor they are selling cabbage, and he will not only others fall cabbage, cabbage to sell out and cabbage in their mouth, it changed the flavor, some say is 100 drugs some say, beauty, said some can lose weight, as long as the customer bought, is success. Such a network company because there are a lot of customer base to do the site, but also a few things every year to earn a few money. The nature of