Mobile financial fingertips from the user experience Everything is nothing

mobile Internet has become a trend of the development of the Internet, with mobile Internet and mobile payment is continuously improved, mobile payment has become one of the most direct way of life, but the country has recently suspended payment of two-dimensional code, the Tencent to pay WeChat, Ali on Alipay promotion stagnated, only around the membership card the edge field of coupons, mobile payment, and can not reach the key, and the Tencent, Baidu and Wanda alliance, Ali settled intime, is more like a mobile payment war for tomorrow’s layout, so the major electricity supplier for mobile payment functions are perfect, pay more attention to user experience, it can be said that mobile payment this leaves the user experience is not.

market potential, huge

mobile payment is the product of the development of mobile Internet, although Chinese mobile payment industry is still in the initial stage, but with its rapid development, as the representative of the financial fingertips "is rapidly affected and changed people’s life, more and more industries have started using mobile payment as payment terminal, and, according to the 58 media the advertising association data show that as of June 2014, China’s mobile phone users reached 527 million, Internet users use the mobile phone Internet population accounted for a further increase, from 81% in 2013 to 83.4%, the mobile phone network scale for the first time beyond the traditional PC Internet users. Electronic business class mobile phone application development trend is good, showing the explosive growth of mobile payment, mobile payment market, the market potential is enormous, resulting in the growth of the mobile payment will be immeasurable.

user experience, winning king

in the Internet economy and mobile Internet economy, virtual economy more and more of the user experience is the most important way of survival and development, especially in the O2O era, more and more Internet companies will customer experience and experience marketing into the new development strategy, as a new field also need to actively integrate into the the user experience of mobile payment, especially in the increasingly fierce competition for electricity providers, mobile payment security and convenience and timeliness of terminal customers will become an important strategic target of the development of Internet payment business, from the user experience, mobile payment is an empty talk, the more experience theory is not enough to market position therefore, the achievement of it, grasp the user experience, is the key to success is the king of mobile payment.

focus on marketing, mining opportunities

mobile payment is an important part of mobile banking, mobile user experience is the key link between the financial, to seize the user is to catch everything, in the era of popular in the world of Internet competition, pay attention to the use of consumer habits in development, to constantly improve the tool through consumer preferences, while marketing based on the promotion of the use of consumer psychology, with the experiential marketing way to seize people online and offline through public eye, mouth to continue to be the mobile payment brand play out, at the same time, through.