Website promotion is plagued by heart disease

himself has only done a website, but the opportunity to contact the network or more. See friends are very positive and very hard to do, very personal feeling. Adsense is network drudgery, no one will protest!

combined with their own more than a month to promote, to share the experience of promotion. I do not talk about the promotion of spam sites. I am not a master, no experience, that we will only joke. I said the promotion of the regular site aspect of it, not only talk about the station, station, station is not my.

first of all to the website, program can not go wrong, there are loopholes, or do not feel small, down, procedure is too complicated, people could not come. The more simple procedure, more security, better, I personally think this is the station must, unless you are a very powerful programmer before. I despise some websites, said he is the site, is to encourage him, because he was only a small forum, now it seems I was wrong, is completely mistaken. Look behind you know, good enough, you can make money, but the procedure is not complicated, good management. If the program is complicated, it looks like your website seems very cow X and the atmosphere, but it’s not safe, can be said that the more complex, the greater your safety factor is smaller. So I think, person your website is the basis of your program should be simple, safe. Personal website, you can’t manage to please the professionals, this is done, it can be good to promote your website, at least that can be extended. My station is basically to write their own, no ready-made network system the no other meaning. Just change their convenience. The program is very simple, no other fancy.


site lay a good construction, that is the content of the website. Good, must have its own unique content, such as outdated and even formed their own culture, if a site has formed its own unique culture, that the site was a cattle, said DoNews, as if by a journalist or something to build websites, their every day to write up, together with their friends, friends of friends, slowly forming a circle of its own, is now inside the arena atmosphere is full, I think that this is a good news. There are differences, only lively. If you are a faction that / what does it mean to have their own unique culture, this is your trump card to attract users. I this station is not good, is still unable to choose the basis.

site construction, I think you must make good use of all available personnel,,. Your friend, all pull in, your colleagues, and so on, if only rely on their own, is impossible. Just behind, also seems to come out from K666, the older by fish the former friend, can develop into today. I am now in the light of friends, they are the backbone of your new supporters.

The content of the

website has formed its own characteristics, the basic promotion is also good, Baidu, Google and so on, together with the user’s reputation