Three steps to build a hot topic blog micro blog strategy

this article is for the traditional enterprise network marketing the actual need to prepare, although blog marketing is not the trend of marketing, but just as involved in the Internet business development of traditional business, blog marketing is still the enterprise, such as Alibaba to the main marketing mode.

pick up a hot topic and build your own blog, and it’s even better if a hot topic can be combined with your business. Internationally renowned management scientist, President CEO Zhu Zerong on the establishment of a hot topic blog proposed the following recommendations, the same applies to micro-blog marketing:

first step: pick a core topic

1, hot news topic

look at the latest news, what topics are people are interested in the topic, and this topic can arouse people’s interest for a long time. Topics such as: "American spy", "China aircraft carrier", "U.S. presidential election", "Mars immigrants".

2, media reporters concern

Some topics will be concerned about the long-term

reporters, when they need to write news articles, query information, your blog is their best treasure, you will become good friends with them, you may even become a news figure. This topic includes: "global warming", "Sino US relations", "quality", "infant formula," dream "China industry forecast data report", "food safety", "energy industry", "fair competition", "product quality", "customer service service complaints reported," the people "wealth".

3, the topic of professional concern

some topics have long been concerned about the professionals, they need to find a database and online record room". Such topics include the "business plan", "Angel Investment Event", "engineering drawings", "online education analysis data", "analyst recommendations", "MBA PubMed notes".

4, interested in the topic of

some of the topics have a large number of fans and enthusiasts, they need to find like-minded friends, or have a dynamic query, access to information. Topics such as "star dynamics", "Hollywood science fiction film", "inspirational film", "mountaineering enthusiasts", "private aircraft", "Buffett dinner", "advertising language".

5, need to solve a problem.

some of the topics are often encountered problems, need to find solutions from the Internet, listen to some experts advice. Such topics include "how to lose weight", "how", "teeth dentist", "how to start", "how to start a company", "become an engineer", "how to attract", "how to achieve financial freedom", "how to carry out vehicle maintenance".

second steps: select keywords