Engage in activities to promote their website

web site on the promotion of the article is a lot, but it seems to look at the several ways, is there any other?

I want to go, or from the held prize activities to promote the site, because my website is to provide this kind of prize activities information website, the prize activities appropriate to promote the site.


Witkey web LOGO is the domain name weike5.com combination, simple well, on the news release now, collecting foreign Witkey information network LOGO, a collection of LOGO website information, revise the Witkey information network of the East, is released to my website, and a link to the image ads with the content of the page on the home page.

to explain, say my thoughts:

first, I set up a time for submission, receiving netizens during this period, and in Witkey information network Witkey showing appreciation. Let us comment which is more suitable for the overall characteristics of Witkey information network. Secondly, after the end of the collection, held a vote, and participate in the activities of users to vote lottery. Finally, another ceremony. This all together, in the whole process, traffic will continue to Witkey information network at a stable level.

in addition, after the solicitation is completely finished, you can also bid based on identification, collection of seasons in various festivals logo, think of Witkey website to collect information in various collection appear frequently, web forums that are difficult to be famous. The premise is that your site is also a collection class or design website ah!

then I will publish this information in all categories of information can be published on the web site, so that the site outside the chain adds a lot, but also increased the weight of Baidu. Overall, the effect is good, you can also try, but to combine your own site ah!

of Witkey information network address: http://s.weike5.com