2015 network marketing seven trends mobile terminal layout has become mainstream

digital marketing in the field of change and progress is accelerating, for bystanders, to keep up with some difficulties. So, just as the year draws to a close at the end of 2014, let’s look at the marketing trends of the year and look at the likely trends in 2015.

1 Optimization for mobile terminals will become more important than ever before

for mobile terminal application is optimized, in 2014 has become an important task of enterprise, but in 2015, this mobile strategy will further, not only for enterprises to set up the response type website or mobile application development, will also focus on the mobile terminal oriented content and social media marketing optimization.

we all know, Google (Google) has been in the friendly experience additional emphasis on mobile version of the site; in fact, they have indicated that the availability of mobile now "and the best search results have". Google has recently launched a new feature "Usability" (Mobile Webmaster) in the Google webmaster tools (Google Tools), a very clear emphasis on this point.

I predict that in the second half of 2015, we will see a lot of companies would finally mobile terminal strategy into their digital marketing aspects: responsive website, a full range of mobile terminal advertising, different content for mobile web users. Companies will also begin to realize the need to take the mobile version of the social media strategy, thinking about the mobile terminal user spending patterns and social media push content interaction.

2 brand awareness of the importance of social media marketing, social media advertising spending will rise sharply

in the first half of 2014, we see earnings data in Facebook advertising revenue increased 10% in the first quarter. The post natural rate continued to decline, and the Facebook limit can appear in the user information flow of the post type, and the enterprise and trying to keep traffic and social media channels to bring sales, therefore, paid advertising behavior will only further increase.

enterprises are from them to see positive results in social media investment, including the increasing rate of exposure and traffic growth, and will be released as paid social media advertising via further amplification of these results. Twitter launched a new advertising program (currently in beta), by specific user actions such as website, click application download and email input to trigger advertising fee payments, which means that the possibility of advertising solutions for small and medium enterprises invested in this kind of goal oriented more.

I have discussed this topic in more detail in another article, see the 7 leading trends in social media marketing in 2015.

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