Forum mass software useful

This topic is the forum mass software useful?   1, if this software is a popular software. This software has a lot of people. Because of the excellent forums have blocked the bulk of the software, spam forum is similar to all the ads can be sent to the forum are garbage, excellent hair can not go up.   3, generally speaking, everyone is using the group software to send the keyword link to anti brush ranking, similarly, even I know he is a natural search engine software, is that he is sending software, so although can brush up the rankings, immediately dropped because of search engine we are all clever   4 normal station sending the same content, search engines will be sentenced to death. So my advice is, mass software useful? Useful, the premise is that we must meet the following characteristics:   1, a single group of forums, such as Sohu, it is only for a piece of sufficient.   2, the software is your own idea to find someone to develop.   3, in addition to you, no one else owns the software.   4, you are not the same content every day.   if you buy or others crack, please do not hold when the baby, because the law of the market tells us that you do not have the money to get things, he will not give you to create value. So mass software useful. The answer is in your hands, useless, although it may have been painted a two key words, but you just happy for only 2 days. Why is it that a single piece of useful   1, we are targeting this is a high quality of the anti – link, do one, it is better than N.   2, we are the high traffic for this section, we made up the advertising software, faster than manual delete, such as gender forum Sohu is 6000 people online at the same time, one day is to visit the millions. If we insist on sending it, that is to say we have advertising in the first, we would put fixed advertising   in 6000 people simultaneously online forum; you have the effect? Must be effective.