Pig CMS support seamless access standard WeChat interface program


pig CMS new seamless third party standard WeChat interface function, as long as the user in the background fill with the WeChat public platform development model of the interface between URL and token, then the data can be automatically access to pigs in CMS system.

recently, the pig CMS in a month for two consecutive times for the optimization and upgrading of the third party interface. All along, the pig CMS is open for the two time development, because of differences in the traditional marketing of WeChat products, pig CMS sales is a one-time source, customers to buy a hand is a very own WeChat marketing platform, the system can flexibly modify according to their own industry characteristics. And this for third party interface upgrade again, more full of pig CMS attitude to the third party all-embracing.

after the optimization and upgrading of the new CMS third party interface, access to all the standard WeChat interface program. CMS users believe that the pig is undoubtedly a good news. After WeChat marketing users in the use of pig CMS, you can also take the length of the home, as long as the standard WeChat interface program, can be directly integrated into the pig CMS WeChat marketing system. Such a comprehensive and diversified platform, I believe can help users in the process of marketing WeChat multiplier

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