Webmaster should learn marketing with the Ministry of Railways

18 this month, old money to buy Shenzhen, back to Wuhan T96 train ticket for standing room a, holding a ticket for standing room such as holding almost pissed the decree. After the train Laoqian flash turn maneuvers, as well as seventy-two clouds, at three in the morning to fill a sleeper success. To commemorate this great journey, specially analyzed the old "marketing" with the Ministry of railways. Dare to take out to share with the public.

one, the key to the choice of marketing market – rigid demand

rigid demand has been the key to the choice of the marketing market, the Ministry of Railways in this regard is the ultimate representative of the article. The train is generally rigid demand, in order to take the train to go to the train is basically a very small number of people, and this very few people can run out from the mental hospital and the chance to buy tickets is not great.

so find a new market, or even create a certain need (for example, to reduce the number of ordinary trains), just need to force customers, and ultimately achieve the purpose of the transaction. Its turnover is in the choice of "stand back" and "a force not to go back to the".

two, the advanced means of marketing – manufacturing customer base

what is the biggest profit on the train? Old villain of the heart to speculation, should be the dining car. A very common plate of scrambled eggs, can be sold to thirty-six yuan, the profit should be hundreds of bar. Such a higher human species, but there are few who have normal intelligence, egg prices, such as non special circumstances, willing to pay almost No.

at this time, the Ministry of Railways outstanding marketing ability appears again, making a special case, manufacturing customers, made more than two hundred dozen hours of ticket for standing room, standing one glimpse, in order to have a space for one person in a special case, a 40 seat dining car is bound to become the meat and potatoes. In this case, the conversion rate of 1/4 it is a piece of cake.

three, the essence of marketing – follow-up service charges

bought the dining car tickets can sit to sleep without any anxiety is certainly not the end point station?. After till ten, there will be a simple dress sister speaking standard Mandarin to Wuhan for the two charges, the so-called Cafe fee. A bowl of high ground, close to thirty, but can not buy, do not buy it not only tea and ass under the seat will become someone else’s coveted.

such follow-up charges can be successful, in fact, the most important thing is to let customers into a dilemma in the choice of being killed or left. Leaving means fatigue and suffering.

four, the sublimation of marketing – Senior temptation

actually sit for ten hours is a suffering thing, and the train bumps, want to have a good rest is not possible, and is secured to savor socialist train and goods when the simple dress in a trance, sister once again as a messianic appearance, with a roar: "fill.