How do use the forum to promote the site

on the Internet often see many veterans say, Forum promotion effect is good. Personally think that is true. I do is the ticket website, because it is not advertising revenue, so do not need a lot of IP, I remember a few days ago to the end of the post publicity, every day from the end of the IP reached more than 2 thousand. Of course, more than 2 thousand of the veterans, really not what.

actually, every individual webmaster, all know to go to BBS promotion. Moreover, we all know the popularity of popular forum promotion. The problem is hard to write a lot of posts, spent half a day to each big BBS in a circle. Second days before the day of labor success, found only a few IP. So, the heart is cold half.

to each big forum post, is not how many posts, how many BBS hair. The key lies in the quality of your posts. Whether your post can attract people.

nonsense on this, ha ha. Near the work, I would simply say their so-called experience ~ veterans will float

1, of course, is still the first step to write a forum to promote the program, I am highly respected this, I like to do anything, have a pre planned, to implement the specific steps.

2 is the choice of forum. I suggest that personal webmaster, do not be too greedy, choose 3~5 forum is enough.

3 each forum has registered 5 accounts, with a number of women, improve all the information as much as possible. One of them, and in the signature is written to your propaganda website,

, such as my signature at the end of the world is "Beijing special ticket –". Because this is the ID, oh, the nature of the post, there is this account to send.

4 other, everyone will, the key is the title and content of the post.

popular forums are in the bamboo tube. Your advertising posts in less than 2 minutes, it was not a ruthless kill. So this time, you will need to improve the quality of this post, let you can’t delete your.

such as: theme: 38 to, send a few blessing messages in 38 sections….

content: 1********


so what links do not add. This post, bamboo is generally not removed, because it does not have the advertisement. Of course, you have to be within the permission of the forum.

How do you want to go to

that leads to publicity website? A vest is used to vest.

first floor, his vest: Thank you for sharing! These messages are good! Just have a mobile phone in the play, too tired ~~~

vest 2: Yes, typing too much trouble! If the mobile phone is like a computer.