Taobao and QQ Department of electricity supplier to promote the operation of the road



before I wrote an article from the website design to see Taobao and pat. This article from the operating point of view to analyze and comment on Taobao and QQ Department of electricity supplier operations.

let’s talk about Taobao, from the beginning of the 09 year of the concept of Taobao into the guest webmaster view from Taobao passenger spurt of development, a time webmaster circle all Amoy to the Internet, such as: Daniel Youku, 360 browser, cool dog music, the thunder also reached the Taobao off camp Taobao, the popular guest. But the Internet erode them, we have hundreds of thousands of grassroots webmaster is resorted to extremes, exhaust all the skills, all kinds of promotion methods QQ signature, chat group, the forum links these methods based has become many webmaster disdain, bundling plug-in, change the browser home page, a Taobao desktop tools and other means are also used by everyone the pinnacle, a little more advanced with books, magazines, soft, popular forum community speculation and other marketing methods. Today, from IM to SNS, from the community to the portal, from the toolbar to the client, the entire network is full of links to Taobao customers everywhere. Basically, you can open a web site can see the link of Taobao. Taobao in this way to let everyone know also used Taobao.


webmaster busy for Taobao promotion, Taobao official did not idle, and Amoy Amoy rivers and lakes community, Juhuasuan and other new features come in a throng from inside Taobao constantly improve, user experience, user-friendly shopping. For Taobao off mode I had to use two words: worship. The rebate and promotion by the way mentioned another Taobao weapon: amoy. By the end of 2010 Amoy quietly on the line, but I think that until 2012 Amoy really shows its light, a scouring purpose is very clear: the word flow; a cat to do entrance, entrance to do shopping, your life may become "imagine Baidu news search, search for goods Amoy search, video search, if one can Amoy electricity supplier in the community to do search similar to Baidu’s position, that is how a piece of meat fat! Have to admire the prospective Alibaba. A cat is also I love the rebate.

We say that

QQ, as the largest group of users of Tencent QQ promotion looks to them is not what difficult. Our daily QQ login pop-up mini version, QQ online shopping and then not recommended when jumping out of the small QQ pop and QQ mailbox recommended. These are the most common QQ promotion way, if I were in the QQ business I saw nothing worthy of praising the promotion and operation mode, see more is to follow. For example, Taobao gold coins and QQ shells, Taobao mall and QQ, Jingdong and QQ online shopping mall. These are the copy mode, for this huge monster Tencent, big change of position and regional risk is it taboo. It is only after some companies have explored that it will begin