Group purchase websites Home Furnishing chamberpot

today, suddenly flashed inspiration. I thought Home Furnishing website group purchase activities a few apt analogy – chamber pot.

‘s, but should need, there is no convenient, will be all right. How about group buying?


home class industry background tells us that the home industry has tens of millions of small and medium enterprises, enterprises to survive, there is an order to survive. To some extent, it is precisely this need to buy.

read quotations from Ma Yun, there are words I do not know the original or reprint: not only to "sell", to "camp". Sales is to solve the problem of enterprise survival, and management can solve the problem of enterprise development. According to the central idea, we look back to buy this business, study the genetic problem of group buying network.

With the history of the

group purchase with vigour and vitality, not popular with the network group purchase. Why?

a few days ago, on the base of " Admin5; the site also want to eugenics " ( describes several basic problems of the establishment of the. So, with this point of view to study group buying business, what conclusion?

simply stated:

1, buy the network is to buy a fake group buying (really buy is initiated by the owner of the charity group), is not in line with the industry public opinion (or moral) foundation.

2, buy a network of food is the food industry chain to promote the link, by designers, home improvement companies, advertising suppliers and other sectors of the necessary aspects of the owner of the same exclusion.

3, group purchase can not constitute a core part of the industry value chain, itself is not essential. Because it can not provide the driving force of enterprise or industry.

4, buy, suitable for the life of the need for life-saving straw business.

to sum up, the group is the home industry in the development process of a game a dream, buy can not be sustained. Group purchase is a chamber pot instead of a bowl of


said here, many people will jump out: not how to survive Home Furnishing group purchase websites,? The storyteller has a famous saying: listen to the next chapter! This paper talk about you.

just now, Zhen Yuan to help me review, cloud: chamber, applicable to elderly or patients. It seems we rarely use · · · · · ·

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