The relationship between network marketing and key words wise remark of an experienced person rankin

web site keywords ranking is the webmaster has been most concerned about the topic, can be said that many enterprises or individual station site is on the keyword ranking can have flow and higher conversion rate, but now, as we all know, website optimization ranking keywords would be Baidu scored, directly to the site into traffic conversion dilemma. Compared to a few years ago, the future optimization may be more and more difficult to do, but ranking volatility is large, in such circumstances, owners must adjust and optimize the strategy, in order to obtain good keywords ranking more stable.

at present, the majority of webmasters to optimize the keywords ranking, a lot of time and effort spent on content updates and the chain release, and in fact, the effect is very painful heartache. Most owners think: the keyword ranking can only rely on the website optimization in order to enhance, to improve the keywords ranking must do site optimization. For these two points, I personally think it is not certain, when we look open, observation and analysis of the same industry, different industries and the Internet, you will find many sites did not do any operation optimization ranking is very good, and the long-term stability of the rankings in the top five home page. Why is this? We reverse reasoning about a website to obtain the very good ranking, so that this website provides the content of value is very high, and click on the natural flow is the most direct reflection of the site is very high, the number of users of the website (audience) is very wide; with Sina, NetEase speaking, they already have a large user group, the portal platform to launch something new for the click traffic is very high, simply do not have good rankings do what can optimize. When someone would say that we don’t have to do the optimization, go directly to the site to enhance user groups can be, I do not deny that this idea can not, but I can only say you back to that era did not appear in website optimization, we all know the website user groups is the need for a long time accumulate, two years is probably four or five years, you can have the patience to adhere to the four or five years? The author here is not to advocate people to give up the website optimization, but we should expand thinking towards diversified development in the optimization work, also is the author of the original meaning of the text.

marketing is the site keywords ranking catalyst

is one of the diversified development of network marketing website optimization, but also enhance the effective method of keyword ranking; on the surface of their correlation is not large, and in fact the value brought by the marketing can promote the keywords ranking. There is a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with the keywords ranking, then marketing in the end of the keywords ranking what help?

1, marketing can improve the keywords ranking, is the site keywords ranking catalyst;

2, marketing can break through the bottleneck of website traffic transformation, so as to enhance the site user groups;

3, a variety of marketing methods can make the site to get more show more clicks, stable keywords ranking.

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