Create high traffic with herd effect

what is the herd effect? Herding is a common phenomenon in the market behavior of some enterprises. For example, a flock of sheep (collective) is a very scattered organization, usually together blindly left to right. If a sheep found a fertile green grass, and to eat fresh grass in there, then the sheep will herd, where grass competition, regardless of the wolf next to look at fiercely as a tiger does not see the other, or is there a better grass.

site traffic is the same, the flow will continue to grow high, low flow may be lower. This is just a phenomenon that is not the focus of our discussion. We are going to talk about what to do, so that the higher the flow of high, low flow high, we say good or bad. Do not know when you visit a web site, you will not pay attention to the number of companions, how many have come with me. What would you feel if you were less than a person. I think everyone knows.

do next is a web site planner will play traffic, or ask someone who looks much mark. I think this one is an expert. Not much to say. Finally with the webmaster network of small suggestions: reply too little. A little cold feeling. I don’t know if I’m alone.

long time no post, the last two straight in the busy learning PHP, I look forward to the station website. Hope and we exchange. In this paper, by the station feeds.