WeChat public details determine success or failure

now when it comes to WeChat, is no wonder Wurenbuxiao. Like 80 after 90 you say don’t play WeChat, feel embarrassed. In particular, the hybrid network, WeChat has just been around for a long time, a lot of people are using, because the phone running memory is too small, no

load, serious contempt. I said I think it is, is removed from the network for so many years, if not keep up with the trend, but also to seize the trend of the tail is not. So, finally reluctantly uninstall other software to install the WeChat mobile phone.

well do not talk about WeChat, auto reply public number. The problem is that I recently helped the company to find a few customers WeChat public number found, is a detail or ideas. In fact, I think that the number of people with the WeChat website, the same thing, to different people, the effect is certainly not the same, the key is the operation, there are ideas. Now is not the time to spell what technology, you have, others can have, but the idea is not the same.

1 Public WeChat subscribe to automatically reply

used WeChat public accounts are aware that when subscribers subscribe to your public number, you will receive a message. Do not look down upon this information, this is the first you sent to the user’s information, the first time is very important, you know. I

received the most simple is, Hello, welcome to subscribe to XX WeChat public number, I really want to curse, so good for the first time was wasted. The good thing is, welcome to subscribe to the XX WeChat public number, and then a brief company profile, you can

to reply 1, 2, 3 to get the relevant information, and 1, 2, respectively, on behalf of the user is most concerned about some of the answers to the questions. There is also one of the activities of the information to the circle of friends to share what prizes. I looked at the first case of

user growth is the slowest, the last user growth is the fastest, is the first of several times.

so it’s really important for the first time. Good friends, take advantage of the first time.

2 enterprise address reply

there is one, is the enterprise address. There are a lot of entities to do, you need the user to the store consumption, naturally need to know the address of the enterprise or store. Some write what number of roads, what bus to sit, and some write

is what the city what road, what the number of how many buildings, and some are written what is next to the building, what is more direct to write what the number of buildings. I said you are to dazzle your company is how famous? So famous what you do WeChat marketing ah.


now a lot of people are just arrived in a place not long ago, where to know the building of this road, even in a place to stay for a long time is not likely to have much to know here. So, we want to be a little bit more comprehensive, it is best to give way to the fool can find. Actually best