Circle of friends can also play out interactive WeChat marketing

today, e-commerce, mobile Internet is a hot industry, are increasingly network life and work can cover some monasteries or cold or hot news, perhaps this is a prelude to the bursting of the information era. The trade in electricity, the Internet also has you always talking about words: as long as people where there are opportunities, there are marketing. In the micro-blog era before, people can get the latest information through micro-blog, including friends and family, work life and other information, so popular. Business and government departments to see people here, it seems like the wolf at the lamb, the results into a wireless use promotion platform of micro-blog, and even now the automatic playing to promote cooperation and Alibaba.

we have a way of earning money for micro-blog Qingjushulu, another social artifact – WeChat? WeChat from micro-blog, WeChat is a private social chat tool, its biggest feature is the interaction, WeChat circle is like a bubble, a person will have their own unique one "bubble" circle, and hundreds of millions of people is the formation of a large private circle, only 22 bubble combination will have the intersection. So, many people think that such a private social tool is a business entrepreneur can not afford to play marketing.

, however, the search for the network editor recently read a report, a well-known blogger broke the Buddha WeChat has been selling millions of dollars a month, this case has been a considerable number of science and technology blog have reproduced. So, still think of that sentence: there are many places of business opportunities, there are opportunities for marketing. Recently, WeChat marketing began to fire up, this morning to browse the major sites found department store discounts, restaurants are beginning to slowly penetrate the WeChat circle of friends.

is now following micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing is coming? Of course, because of differences in the nature, the huge profits of success is unlikely, but WeChat’s parent company Tencent will not let their strongest rival Alibaba and Baidu invasion of their field. In front of WeChat at least under the trend of most users rise directly to a high position, the value of commercial control in the hands of the Tencent.

WeChat circle which is relatively public a little shake shake, near the people, these two modules, these are also possible to do the Nuggets place two. Because WeChat’s friends add no line, so long as it is not afraid of trouble, not afraid of fee brain, of course, can one by one to be familiar with their target customers, when social privatization, the likelihood of success may also increase the transaction.

sells Buddha girl, WeChat marketing is divided into three steps, first gumanthong, upload photos, write the text; secondly, users like gumanthong to the bank card to make payment; finally she sent gumanthong. Such a simple step, we do admire the girl’s marketing tools. Her marketing strategy is not according to the theory, the target customer choice and maintenance is the most important.

with the trend of the information age, the future for a long time, WeChat is a necessary tool for our lives